About Us

This idea was born through our passion

Refurbished Malta is a branch of atom I.T. Repairs focusing specifically on the refurbishment of electronic devices. iPad and iPhone repairs together with Macbook and Laptop refurbishment through the years brought about the page you see today.

Through our strong brand connections, some of which include Apple, Dell, Microsoft &, we are able to source some truly great Refurbished or Certified iPhone, Macbook and laptop deals. We offer something unique in Malta. An alternative to new, at MUCH less and still in a good as new condition. We dare you to say your purchase is new… no one will notice.

All our Refurbished & Certified devices come with a manufacturer warranty ranging from 3 months to 1 year. Most are boxed and still sealed.

Out testing and sourcing department works round the clock to offer refurbished & Pre-Owned products to our clients. Through our repair expertise we can not only refurbish your device but also source some amazing deals on used iPhones, Macbooks and laptops.

Our aim is to offer electronics that are affordable whilst still being mechanically and technically perfect.

A cheaper alternative. An attractive price. A device which will turn heads anyway.

Most of the laptops and smartphones we come across are over-stocked by companies, so our process is easy. We buy them in bulk and pass on the saving to you. These devices are usually the best picks because we are in a position to select the best ones ourselves.

All our products are fully tested and guaranteed 100%. All are offered with a no quibble warranty.